Facebook study shows Gey Hey girls are just one degree of separation from a ‘hater’

A new survey by social networking site Facebook has shown that users who attended Wesley Girls High School are connected to at least one ‘hater’ by direct friendship.

Researchers who studied thousands of electronic conversations, say any Gey Hey girl who has posted a Facebook update in celebration of their alma mater’s anniversary had a friend who found a reason to disregard the achievements of one of Ghana’s outstanding educational institutions.

Facebook says, the study was conducted over the weekend after many Gey Hey girls took to the social networking site to celebrate their school’s long history by sharing memories of their school days under the hashtag #wghsmemories.

The researchers however dismissed Gey Hey’s claim to the ‘oldest secondary school’ title. Mr. Botwe, the lead researcher said “Gey Hey’s claim is as accurate as Olele’s football age.”