Forget Me Not: #RememberJune3

He was a father

A husband, an uncle

He was on his way to his wife’s office

‘I will be there in a twinkling x,’ he texted her

In a twinkling, that’s all it took for his body to be charred by the flames

Now he’s up there, looking down on us with a twinkle in his eye,

‘Forget me not,’ he pleads.



She was a daughter

A sister, a niece

She was heading home from school

She waved her friends goodbye, ‘see you tomorrow,’ she said

Tomorrow found her lifeless body sprawled across the forecourt of the burnt-out petrol station

Now she lives in eternity, somewhere beyond the clouds

‘Forget me not,’ she asks.



She was a mother

A wife, an auntie

She was going home after a routine prenatal check-up at the clinic

‘We’ll be off in a few minutes,’ she muttered to herself as she gently rubbed her belly

A few minutes, that’s how long it took for the van to fill with floodwater, drowning her and the unborn baby

Now her tears flood the heavens

‘Forget me not,’ she cries.



He was a son

A brother, a nephew

He was excited about seeing his sister’s new baby

‘See you and the baby soon’, he said as he ended the call

Soon his bloated body floated atop the floodwater

Now his spirit floats up above the sky,

‘Forget me not,’ he says.