Ghana declared ‘the only jollof superpower’ as quality report downgrades Nigerian jollof due to tomato shortage

Ghana has consolidated its position as the world’s sole jollof superpower after a major tomato shortage in Nigeria forced experts to downgrade the Nigerian version of the tomato-base rice dish.

The 2016 World Quality Report says a nationwide tomato shortage in Nigeria has affected the quality of made-in-Nigeria jollof, relegating it to several places behind the almighty Ghana jollof. The report which described Nigerian jollof as “paler than Casper the ghost,” advised jollof lovers to “avoid the tomato-deprived Nigerian jollof as a matter of public health risk.”

Analysis of jollof samples from Nigeria recorded low levels of tomato sauce, prompting experts to question Nigeria’s credentials as a jollof superpower. “The jollof coming out of Nigeria these days is so white you could easily camouflage a white plastic spoon in it,” the report noted. Jollof samples from Ghana however revealed a combination of high quality long grain perfume rice and a generous amount of rich tomato sauce, giving the Ghanaian version “a flavour that can only be described as divine.”

The report advised Nigeria to withdraw from the ongoing Jollof Wars until it resolves the issue of tomato shortage. “He who fights the Jollof Wars must first ensure his tomato game is on point,” the report concluded.


Photo credit: Bright Ackwerh