Ghana Police shuts down common sense

The Ghana Police Service has confirmed reports that it has blocked its own access to common sense.

Sources at the police headquarters in Accra say the top brass of the police service attempted to access common sense on May 26, but experienced loading issues and total blackouts in some instances. An error message displayed on their foreheads read: “Sorry, something went wrong. Common sense cannot be accessed.”

Many Ghanaians are now blaming the service’s inability to access common sense for the IGP’s decision to consider banning social media access across the country on election day. The common sense blackout has left the heads of the Ghana Police Service unable to act within reason, causing the law enforcement agency to turn against the very citizens whose freedom of expression it is required to ensure.

The police service has refused to comment on the issue but many believe the glitch has been caused by influences from Uganda, Turkey and Iran. “Looks like we are in good company,” noted a source with the police headquarters.