Ghana wins first ever Olympic gold for scandal-free appearance in Brazil

Ghana ended its 64-year wait for an Olympic gold medal after the Rio Olympics Local Organising Committee decided to reward members of the Team Ghana for a scandal-free appearance in Brazil.

The Rio LOC described the Ghanaian Olympic team as “deserving winners,” contrasting the team’s dignified showing in Brazil with the Ghana national football team’s embarrassing row over unpaid bonuses during the 2014 World Cup which was hosted by Brazil. “This is refreshing considering that the last time a Ghanaian contingent competed on Brazilian soil, they traded more blows and slaps than common sense,” noted one LOC member.

The Brazilian authorities, who still have fresh memories of the scandalous decision by the Ghana government to airlift $3 million in cash to Brazil in an attempt to quell the feud over unpaid bonuses during the last World Cup, admitted billing the Ghanaian Olympics team as “favourites to embarrass themselves in a public feud over unpaid allowances” ahead of the games. Team Ghana however defied the odds and delivered a dignified and scandal-free appearance at the games.

Team Ghana will receive the gold medals at the closing ceremony at the Maracana Stadium on Sunday. The medals, according to the Rio LOC,  will have a special inscription which reads: “You competed in the true Olympic spirit; the Black Stars and the GFA cabal competed in the true sika di3 spirit.”