This Ghanaian Jollof has been shortlisted for the 2016 Contemporary Art Awards

An artful presentation of a miserly portion of jollof has been named on the shortlist for this year’s Contemporary Art Awards, making it the first time any cuisine has earned a nomination for one of the most coveted prizes in modern art.

The elaborate jollof presentation comes with a 167 GHC ($42.50) price tag and the artist responsible for serving this pricey baby portion of jollof in a country so used to generous food portions described her elaborate presentation as “a portrait of fine dining.”

The work, which has now been christened “The Morsel” consists of a miserly portion of jollof rice wrapped in thin fried plantain slices with a hard boiled egg and a dash of shito.

The nomination has sparked excitement among art critics, with some describing it as avant-garde. “The Morsel is extraordinarily beguiling. Staring at the image makes you feel hungry and eating it will probably leave you even more hungry,” wrote one critic.

Another critic noted that the The Morsel captured the very essence of fine dining, “the smaller the food on your plate, the bigger your bill.”