GTP thanks Sarkodie for the pro bono publicity

Ghana Textiles Printing Company has thanked popular hiplife rapper Sarkodie for “promoting GTP’s authentic African textiles and print products pro bono.”

Officials of GTP confirmed the demand for their African textiles and print has more than doubled after it received a mention in Sarkodie’s diss track aimed at fellow rapper Manifest. According to one GTP official, this line from the Kanta diss track: Obi b3 dissi me a na 3nny3 rapper a )de GTP ntoma pam kaba, “is the best piece of publicity GTP has ever had and the best part is, it was all free. Product placement in a Sarkodie video wouldn’t have come cheap so we’re very grateful for this free promo. Talk of pro bono!”

The feud which started with Manifest taking a slight dig at Sarkodie in the “god mc” single has now escalated into a full blown all-out online warfare between fans of the two rappers but GTP in a statement this morning declared itself “the ultimate winner of the Sarkodie-Manifest beef.”

The statement also urged the rappers to call a truce and “stop washing their dirty kaba and ripped t-shirt in public.”