KNUST offers new degree programme in Scopophilia

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is launching a new degree programme in scopophilia to meet Ghana’s growing need for high quality morons who possess a compulsion to seek sexual gratification from watching others engaging in sexual acts.

Authorities say the new programme forms part of the university’s contribution towards creating Ghana’s Silicon Scopophilia Valley. They hope KNUST will be duly recognised as a leading academic institution in the field after hundreds of students earlier this week swarmed one of the halls of residence just to ogle a two minutes sex video involving two other students on a big screen. Earlier in February, students of the university were involved in a spate of vicious stabbings which resulted in 2 serious injuries while 20 other students were also treated for minor stab wounds.

The new programme has been regarded as a fundamental shift from the university’s original mandate to pioneer scientific and technological innovations towards the nurturing of social morons.

The scopophilia programme, according to authorities, “is aimed at producing sexual delinquents who will be as useful to society as the K in KNUST.”