Malawi ‘hyena man’ to be sent to the zoo

Blantyre Zoo will add to its collection of savages after agreeing to host the sick creature which had unprotected sex with over 100 adolescent girls despite being HIV positive.

Authorities at the zoo in Malawi’s second largest city say they have created “a special cage” to house the creature dubbed the “hyena man”. Zoo authorities say they agreed to host the hyena “because they strongly believe a creature capable of such primitive and barbaric behaviour should be locked in a cage and not allowed anywhere in society.”

The HIV positive creature who took the virginity of girls about 30 years his junior as part of a backward rite of passage was captured from the southern district of Nsanje “after being subdued with common sense tranquilliser darts,” officials revealed.

Victims say they are happy to see the “‘hyena man’ captured and locked away next to other savages, where he will feel more at home.”