Man sues NPP for false advertising, claiming “‘party of intellectuals’ is actually full of hooligans”

A man has filed a class action law suit against the ruling New Patriotic Party, accusing the party of false advertising by claiming to be “a party of intellectuals.”

Kwame Ghanaba who claims to have voted for the NPP during the December elections says the New Patriotic Party has misled him and others into voting for the party believing that they were electing a party of intellectuals and individuals who genuinely believed in the rule of law. “They presented themselves as a law abiding book long party during the election campaign but after winning our votes, it has become clear that the party is actually full of hooligans who have no respect for the rule of law.”

Mr. Ghanaba complained that the party failed to mention that “it had violent elements within its fold. I think that’s false advertising.”

The law suit comes only a day after a group of thugs affiliated to the ruling NPP , attacked a Kumasi Circuit Court and freed 13 members of their group facing charges for vandalizing the offices of the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council. It is also about a week after a leading member of the party likened the face of a radio presenter to “bofrot” during a live TV show.

Kwame Ghanaba said he has requested the court hear the case in secret, for fear of attacks by NPP sponsored thugs, adding that “Ghana has now moved from the era of ‘babies with sharp teeth’ to ‘macho men with sharp machetes’.”