Men who threatened to rape and kill woman terrified of spending 4 months in prison

A group of despicable men who hid behind the cover of microphones and a wall of crass journalism to threaten a decent law-abiding woman with rape and murder have been unmasked as complete cowards after they were told they will spend four months behind bars.

According to reports, the 3 men who cast themselves as the hard men of the airwaves with their obscene and menacing commentary are now completely terrified of sharing prison cells with real murderers and other criminals. The 3 cowards are now pleading for forgiveness and counting on their political connections to rescue them from incarceration.

A woman who described herself as a regular listener of the 3 convicted men said: “The way these men talk on radio, I thought they were proper hard men. They threatened a woman with rape and death but now they’re scared of spending just four months behind bars.”

Another female listener compared the men to internet trolls noting that “the men hid behind the radio studio screens to say things they would not say to their victim’s face.”

“They are just bullies, pathetic bullies at that, hiding behind their microphones and crass brand of journalism,” she added.