Storm Oko set to cause further wreckage in Accra

Storm Oko, the first storm to be officially named by the Ghana Meteorological Service, is set to cause further wreckage in Accra in the coming weeks.

The storm which has been described as a perfect combination of incompetence and apathy will continue to batter the nation’s capital, causing widespread flooding and needless loss of lives and properties before the end of July, the Met Service warned. “Although we expect very little rainfall in the coming weeks, Storm Oko will help kick off a round of severe floods and destruction.”

The Met Service said the storm name was unanimously chosen by officials and they hoped naming the storm will help highlight the ineptitude of the officials charged with the running of the city.

Latest satellite images show Storm Oko steadily moving from the Accra metropolitan area towards the House of Parliament, a situation described by the Met Service as “extremely worrying.”