Millions of Facebookers set to change their profile pictures to anything but photos of their mums

Facebook says it is expecting to record the highest number of profile picture changes in a single day as users prepare to replace their profile pictures with anything but images of their mothers.

About 32 million Facebook users from 80 nations changed their profile pictures over the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday but the social media giant predicts that “the next 24 hours will see these ‘mother pictures’ taken off and the online display of affection towards mothers will be conveniently forgotten until next year.”

Millions of Facebookers will restore their profile pictures to the usual “pouted lips selfies, hey-look-at-me-having-a-meal-at-a-fancy-restaurant selfies, I-only-came-to-the-gym-to-take-a-selfie selfies, airport lounge selfies, beach selfies, groupie selfies or photo of meals, cocktails and random Starbucks paper cups.

Data analysts at Facebook say they find it difficult to understand why some users will send digital flowers as well as other digital gifts and photo messages to mothers who are nonusers of Facebook.

“Plastering your wall with ‘thank you’ messages and Mother’s Day photos intended for a mother who isn’t on Facebook is like posting your mother’s birthday card to Mars and expecting her to receive it, ” quipped one analyst.