Nsawam staff to be trained in ‘kpokpogbligbli’ treatment after Montie 3 sentence

All officers at the Nsawam Prison will be first aid trained to recognise and treat the rare ‘kpokpogbligbli’ disease.

Prison authorities said an action plan has been drawn up in anticipation of the arrival of Alistair Tairo Nelson, a member of the infamous Montie trio who have been handed a four month sentence for threatening to harm justices of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Nelson who was charged with contempt along with two others, had during the court hearing, blamed his reckless on-air commentary on a disease called ‘kpokpogbligbli’, a rare disease which consumes a person’s body and senses, resulting in witless utterances and behaviour.

The chief nurse at the Nsawam Prison said measures have been put in place to treat Mr. Nelson during his four month stay at the facility. “Mr. Nelson’s ‘kpokpogbligbli’ will be treated with daily doses of common sense and prudence.”

“By the end of his stay here, his lips will lead to automatically consult his brains before he utters a word,” added the chief nurse.