National Security Agency to operate under a Public Party Partnership deal

A new Public Party Partnership (PPP) deal being put forward by the government could see NDC grandees and their family members  formalise their control over Ghana’s national security agency.

Officials say the PPP deal will formalise the ruling party’s involvement in the operations of a national institution which is already firmly under the thumb of NDC party executives and members of their family.  An official described the PPP as a “very viable venture which will see public funds pay for the running of the agency while the party directs the agency’s operations.” He hoped the new PPP deal will finally formalise what we all know to be true, noting that “our intelligence and security agencies are only national in name; they are more or less private security entities, with politicians and their cronies pulling the strings from behind.”

The unveiling of the PPP plan comes only days after operatives of Ghana’s intelligence agency, acting on the orders of the National Security Advisor, arrested a private citizen for taking photos of vehicles belonging to the NDC.

Under the Public Party Partnership deal, the national intelligence agency will drop its primary role of maintaining national security through intelligence gathering and analysis to focus on becoming a tool for terrorising opponents of the ruling party and any other dissenting voices.

Insiders hinted the partnership could see Ghana’s intelligence agency change its name to the Bureau of Needless Investigations.