‘Neutral’ declared word of the year

Ghana Institute of Linguistics has declared ‘neutral’ as its 2016 word of the year, reflecting a year dominated by fractious political discourse within the Ghanaian social media community.

‘Neutral’ beat contenders like ‘kpokpogbligbli’ and ‘pro-bono’, after its usage among social media commentators surged over 59,000% in the last week.

The adjective has been in existence for a very long time, but its recent definition and usage has split the Ghanaian online community down the middle. One side defines ‘neutral’ as “a term for a closet NDC sympathizer”, while  the other defines it as “a term for an undecided voter.”

Research by GIL showed the definition and usage of the word has caused more ‘blocking’ and ‘unfriending’ than any other issue this year.

“We haven’t seen such deep divisions since the the infamous Sarkodie – Manifest feud,” noted a GIL spokesman.