NPP footsoldiers defend right of politicians to tell lies

Footsoldiers of the ruling New Patriotic Party have defended the right of Honourable Adwoa Safo to “routinely lie, and behave like a politician.”

A footsoldier of the NPP- the party which won last year’s elections on a message of change, said “lying has a long and distinguished lineage in Ghanaian politics, and should therefore be protected and upheld”, adding that “we, the footsoldiers, are also determined to continue in the fine tradition of blind allegiance to our paymasters and mistresses.”

Ms. Safo, MP for Dome-Kwabenya and Deputy Majority Leader, has been accused of dishonesty over her claims of single-handedly lobbying the World Bank to fund a school building in her constituency while in opposition. The honourable’s defenders have issued a strong defense, arguing that the NPP MP “has the right to behave like any other Ghanaian politician- to lie and to defend the lie with more lies.”

The defenders of Ms. Safo say government appointees have always had the right to routinely lie and skirt the truth without any shame, adding that “it is simply unacceptable for Ghanaians to demand honesty and integrity from NPP appointees.”