NPP footsoldiers planning to respond to every criticism by shouting ‘CHANGE’

Footsoldiers of the ruling New Patriotic Party – which won the December elections on a message of change- have unveiled a new PR plan that involves shouting ‘Change’ at anyone who criticizes the new administration.

The footsoldiers say the new PR plan has proved “exceptionally successful” in deflecting criticisms levelled against President Akufo-Addo, after parts of his inauguration speech were found to have been lifted from speeches of two former US presidents.

A statement issued by the group urged all footsoldiers on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to respond to accusations of plagiarism levelled against Akufo-Addo by simply typing ‘Change’. “When people raise concerns over issues of plagiarism, ‘copy and paste’, and originality, we simply type our one-word response- ‘Change’.”

One footsoldier added that “the new PR plan works. Bigly.”