NPP launches ‘1 District 1 Sexist’ policy

The New Patriotic Party has launched ‘The 1 District 1 Sexist’ policy in an attempt to win female votes in the November general elections.

Komedy Agyapong MP, the renowned misogynist and NPP financier who is believed to be the tactical genius behind the policy said “the party hopes to make itself more and more attractive to all decent and discerning voters by regularly hurling sexist abuse at political opponents and anyone else perceived to belong to the other side.”

The policy announcement comes in the wake of the party’s long silence over Komedy Agyapong’s outrageously unabashed sexist remarks about the Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei.

The new policy will see the party plant one Komedy Agyapong-grade sexist in each of the 216 districts. They will be tasked with dealing out casual sexism on social media, radio and TV stations, and any other public platform they may find. “They will be expected to be abusive and crass, and the party will support them with our usual silence,” disclosed one party insider.