PepperDemMinistries sends pepper bouquet to Saudi king to mark kingdom’s arrival into 21st century

The PepperDemMinistries have sent a flaming red hot gift of pepper bouquet to Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to mark the Gulf nation’s arrival into the 21st century.

The unusual gift arrived at the king’s palace a day after a royal decree was issued to allow women to drive by June 2018. According to the pepper-dishing activist group, it hopes the pepper bouquet will burn the archaic mindsets of Saudi officials and all other society leaders who continue to uphold systems that curb women’s rights.

The end of the ban on women driving- a policy only shared by the Islamic State and the Taliban, brings Saudi Arabia in line with the rest of the world.

Mr. Obiba Koa, PRO of the PepperDemMinistries, commended the Saudi campaigners for “peppering the ultraconservative system that had held women in shackles for far too long.” He also hinted of plans to take the pepper crusade beyond the activist group’s current borders.

“We are looking into how we can increase the efficacy of our pepper and also putting in modalities to fully deploy our capabilities beyond the borders of Facebook.”