Petition: Allow the pound to drop against the cedi

A petition launched on the UK government’s e-petition website is calling on the British authorities to re-calibrate the exchange rates to allow the Sterling to drop against the Ghanaian Cedi.

Ghana’s cedi has been performing poorly against the pound when most other currencies made significant gains against the British currency which plummeted to its lowest level in 30 years following a vote to leave the EU on Thursday.

The e-petition said: “We find it highly disgraceful that our cedi should fall against a struggling pound. We hired Seth Terkper to fix it but it seems he needs to be shown the exit. ‘Terkxit’ will be an appropriate name for that campaign. But for now, please grant our cedi some dignity; allow your pound to fall against the cedi.”

The Petitions Committee will review the petition and a response from the UK government is expected after the petition hit 19,570 signatories within its first 4 hours.