PPP changes slogan to ‘I can’t think far;why the hell ain’t you voting for a 3rd party if you’re so pissed with NDC and NPP’

The Progressive People’s Party says it plans to change its campaign slogan ahead of the December general elections. According to party insiders, the new campaign slogan will be ‘I Can’t Think Far; Why The Hell Ain’t You Voting For a Third Party If You’re So Pissed With NDC & NPP’

The change, they say, is in response to the party’s baffling inability to break the destructive duopoly in Ghanaian politics despite voters’ frustration with the NDC and NPP. One party insider noted that “it is frustrating to know that the party’s candidates and polices tick the boxes for most discerning voters but somehow, these voters tend to stick with the duopoly that continues to run our nation into the ground.”

The new slogan also comes a day after the party received widespread praise following the naming of a women’s rights advocate Brigitte Dzogbenuku as Papa Kwesi Nduom’s running mate for the general elections. Despite this and many other noteworthy acts, the polls suggest the PPP still lags behind the two main parties. One PPP supporter expressed her frustration: “We’ve been doing everything right but the voters are just stuck in their ways. This new slogan is to point out that fact.’

Another PPP supporter seemed puzzled by voters who vote for the two main political parties despite being displeased with their record. “I just can’t understand it, but this is Ghana- where everyone cries about how the NDC and NPP are ruining the nation but they never vote for a third party”

“I can’t think far, I can’t think madness, 3no na menti asie no,” he lamented.