Rapists add ‘it was the short dress’ excuse to classic ‘it was the devil’

Rapists across the country say they have updated their list of excuses for rape to include ‘it was the short dress.’

The group said, ‘it was the short dress’ will be added to their list of excuses which include ‘I tripped and landed in her vagina by accident’ and the classic ‘it was the devil’. The excited rapists revealed that the ‘short dress’ excuse gained currency on their list of rape excuses after the Minister of Gender’s recent suggestion that school girls in short dresses attract rapists.

They thanked the honourable Minister for doing her bit to shift the blame of rape further away from rapists. “We thank the honourable for ignoring the fact that rapists prey on the vulnerable rather than the ‘provocatively’ dressed. This obviously makes it easier for us to get away with our misdeeds,” adding that “rapists love a society that excuses rape because of a victim’s sartorial choice.”

The rapists explained that the overused ‘it was the devil’ excuse will now take a rest whilst the poor school girls and their skirts get the blame.