Republicans at national convention Googling ‘What is plagiarism’ hours after Melania’s speech

Data from Google shows tens of thousands of users in and around the venue of the ongoing Republican National Convention in Cleveland asking ‘What is plagiarism?’ several hours after Melania Trump delivered a speech in which she heavily borrowed phrases from a 2008 speech by current first lady Michelle Obama.

A report posted on Google Trends said “95 percent of users of the search engine in and around the venue of the RNC in Cleveland have searched ‘what is plagiarism’ in the last 24 hours.” Analytics experts at Google say the spike in the search term gives an insight into the minds of Trump supporters and other party delegates present at the convention.

According to the report, other trending search terms included: ‘Will plagiarism make America great again?’ ‘Will the border wall stop plagiarism?’ and ‘Will Mr. Trump build a wall around his pants to stop other immigrants getting in?’.