“Stop whining”, insist people who’ve spent the last 8yrs whining about everything

People who have spent the last 8 years whining about the “deplorable state of our country” and the fact the “nothing works in Ghana” have told Ghanaians to stop whining.

Despite spending every minute under the previous NDC administration whining on social media and the radio stations about everything including the intensity of the 2016 harmattan season, members of the ruling NPP are now insisting that “people who spend all the time whining all the time get on people’s nerves.”

Bob Ahomka, a supporter of the ruling NPP who admitted using the hashtag #GhanaMustWorkAgain over 5k times in the last quarter of 2016 alone, says his new favourite hashtag is #NobodyLikesWhiners.

He added that “when in opposition whining is music to your ears but in government, it’s just a nuisance.”