Team GH rooms fitted with money counting machines ‘in case gov’t airlifts millions to Brazil’

Team Ghana athletes have been given an exclusive apartment tower in the Olympic village with rooms specially fitted with electronic money counting machines.

The Rio Local Organising Committee say the special provision has been made “just in case the Ghanaian government once again decides to airlift millions of dollars to Brazil.” The Brazilian authorities have not forgotten the bizarre decision by the Ghana government to airlift $3 million in cash to pay the bonuses owed to the national team during the 2014 Brazil World Cup. The Brazilians recalled how the members of the Black Stars team, who received between $75,000 and $100,000 each, “struggled to count large sums of money by hand” and are now “determined to ensure that no other Ghanaian team suffers a similar ordeal.”

The Team Ghana apartment tower which is to the west of the Olympic park in Rio de Janeiro also provides safe deposit boxes to “securely store any cash if need be.”

The Ghanaian athletes who have reportedly been promised bonuses of $5000 for a Gold medal and, $3000 and $2000 for Silver and Bronze respectively, say they hope they do have to through the embarrassing situation of feuding with authorities over unpaid bonuses. “I hope lessons have been learned from the disgraceful Black Stars episode during the 2014 World Cup,” said remarked one Olympian.