Teenage entrepreneur launches rent-a-crowd company ahead of November elections

A teenage entrepreneur has set up a new business delivering both rented protestors and supporters for political events as the nation gears up for months of political campaigns.

The 17 year old announced the launch of his company, Rented Supporters Wo Krom Ltd, about a month ago and has since established it as a reliable resource for organisers of political campaigns, rallies and demonstrations. “Since I started about 4 weeks ago, I’ve been inundated with requests from all the main political parties to provide crowds to fill auditoriums and parks,” explains the entrepreneur.

The teenager who confirmed providing rented supporters for “an ongoing political tour,” also hopes to further expand his operations ahead of the November general elections.

According to the company’s website, Rented Supporters Wo Krom promises to “provide enthusiastic supporters fully armed with placards and banners” inscribed with messages of a client’s choosing.

The young entrepreneur hinted of plans to expand his company’s repertoire to cover events such as sod cutting ceremonies for public toilets and borehole facilities.

“Politicians like to turn such events into a full blown fanfare and I will be there to provide the cheering crowd,” he noted.