The Trump Card: Racists, misogynists and bigots all considering career in politics 

Following the shock victory of Donald Trump in the US election, fellow racists, misogynists and bigots are reportedly considering the idea of entering mainstream politics.

A bigot who identified himself Mr. Pillock said Donald Trump’s victory meant they can now play ‘The Trump card’ and still expect to win elections.

“If you’re a misogynist, racist, bigoted small-minded douchebag or you’re a generally nasty hate-preaching, tax-dodging bully with have no experience in government, then this is a great time, not just to enter politics, but to win elections on the back of a deeply offensive and divisive political campaign,” he explained.

Mr. Pillock said he hopes ‘The Trump Card’ will secure victory for fellow bigot, Marine Le Pen, in the upcoming French elections, adding that the current political upheaval could also propel Akua Donkor to cause similar upset in Ghanaian politics– if she is reinstated in the December presidential race.

“All she has to do is to highlight her ignorance and vulgarity, and play on voters’ anti establishment sentiments.”