Trump signs executive order banning common sense from the White House

President Donald Trump signed an executive order this morning indefinitely suspending the application of common sense in the White House.

Titled “Draining Common Sense From American Politics,” the executive order bars people with a certain “rational-prone” disposition from entering the seat of government for the next 4 years, while welcoming individuals with a “brash and divisive” temperament.

The latest executive order follows a range of others, including an executive order banning citizens of seven “terror-prone” countries from entering the United States, even though no American has been killed on U.S. soil by citizens from any of these seven countries within the last 40 years. This ban however excluded countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which have deep-seated ties to terrorism.

In a statement following the signing of the order, President Trump defended the ban on common sense, reiterating his resolve “to make America hate again.” Adding that “we will drain common sense from American politics. We will. Bigly.”