Tulsa police unsure whether to frame Crutcher as a druggie or gangster 

Tulsa police say they are yet to decide how they’ll assassinate the character of the 40 year old unarmed black man they murdered on Friday night.

A statement from the police said they “will immediately launch an investigation a smear campaign” after a video footage released on Monday showed Tulsa police fatally shooting Mr. Terence Crutcher as he approached his vehicle with his arms raised.

A police source said they intend to follow “the good ole American Policing Handbook which requires officers to smear black victims of police killings.”

It is expected that Tulsa police will come to a decision within the next few hours whether to tag the victim as a druggie or a gun-toting gangster, and begin the process of rationalising the murder of Mr. Crutcher, who on Friday night became the 172nd African American male to be fatally shot by police officers this year.