Universities to offer free short courses in ‘Decoding Political Gibberish’

In an attempt to stop politicians from pulling the wool over voters’ eyes, universities across the country will now offer a free short course targeting voters who wish to understand the gibberish that rolls off the lips of politicians.

The course, which will be free to the general public and run from next week till early December, will equip voters with the skills need to decode anything from empty promises through to downright lies. It will contain modules such as How To Spot a Headline Grabbing Promise, Using Gifts To Influence Voters and How To Identify Impossible Promises.

A lecturer from one of the public universities said it was their duty to educate voters, disclosing that “staff at the public universities feel particularly embarrassed since most of these lying politicians sat in their lecture halls not too long ago.”

The universities taking part in the programme collectively expressed concern over the large volumes of gibberish flowing from electoral candidates seeking to win political power in the December elections.

A spokeswoman said “the volume of goat droppings and elephant dung coming from these politicians is unlike anything we’ve seen before.” However, she was hopeful that the short course will equip voters with the skill to see through the lies.