Voters ready to ‘show politicians how it feels to be repeatedly lied to’

Several voters who took ‘gifts’ after pledging to cast their votes for particular politicians, say they are ready to “show the politicians exactly how it feels to be repeatedly lied to.”

The voters, who head to the polls on Wednesday, confirmed that several politicians and party stooges attempted to buy their votes with “large amounts of money, V8s, and party-branded outboard motors, sewing machines, pans and cloth.”

A voter who claims to have been given a party-branded outboard motor in exchange for his vote, said he is particularly excited about the chance to “give a big, fat middle finger to the politicians who have blatantly broken countless election promises over the years.”

“We’ve suffered enough broken campaign promises from these politicians; now it’s our turn to give them a taste of their own medicine and see how they like it,” he explained.