We’ll publish dumsor timetable as soon as we fix our generator- ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has apologised for the delay in the release of the timetable for its latest load-shedding exercise, blaming the broken down portable generators at the company’s headquarters.

“We wish to sincerely apologise for the delay in the release of the much-demanded timetable. All the portable diesel generators at our headquarters have suddenly broken down, leaving us unable to complete and print the timetables for distribution. It is very unfortunate that our generators will break down at such a crucial time,” a spokesman for ECG said this morning.

The spokesman however promised Ghanaians the problem will be resolved shortly “because the managing director of the company has been greatly distressed by the broken down generators which also powers the air conditioners in his office building.” The ECG boss has therefore directed the company’s top engineers to fix the problem without further delay.”

In spite of the delay in the release of the timetable, the spokesman expressed confidence in ECG’s ability to carry out the dumsor exercise without any disruptions. “We advice the general public not to worry, we will carry out the dumsor exercise with no trouble at all. Our valued customers can expect us to deliver the dumsor successfully.”

“You may not know when it’s coming but you can be damn sure it’ll come, you can liken it to the rapture,” he ended.

The spokesman also blamed the war of semantics over the definitions of dumsor and load shedding for further delaying the release of the much-demanded timetable. “To begin with, we spent a very long time debating the name of this timetable. ‘Dumsor Timetable’ or ‘Loadshedding Timetable’, we just couldn’t be sure,” he revealed.

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