More Z-list celebrities set to enter the lucrative business of presidential endorsements

More Z-list celebrities and one-hit-wonders are expected to make vast fortunes from endorsing presidential candidates ahead of the December elections.

Sources say many Z-listers are “seriously” looking at the possibility of entering the business of presidential endorsements after several third-tier actors and not-so-funny comedians reportedly pocketed huge sums of money for appearances on various political platforms.

“All I have to do is pose for photos with presidential candidate X or post Facebook messages endorsing him. I don’t even have to climb a tree to hoist flags like my friend did. Its easy money”, explained one overrated actress who is in the business of presidential endorsements.

With the election campaign entering its final phase, both the NDC and NPP are battling to win endorsements from “celebrities”, many of whom have little or no fanbase and definitely no sway over public opinion.

A source said: “The public assume celebrities appear on a platform with candidate X or Y because they share the same social and political ideologies. But the reality is the vast majority are lining their own pockets. They only do it for the money and nothing else.”